OTA Timber wagons

This is a placeholder for all information on OTA wagons, as written up in Update, and on the old Forum, plus additional new material.

BR has a history of converting wagons to convey logs: the Timber-P (TOPS code UUV) had previous lives on the Condor freight service, and as Plate wagons. These of course were not appropriate for the air-braked era.
In the 1980’s log timber was being moved around by unconverted OBA wagons, and by bogie wagons such as the BSW and BTA conversions. These were not always totally suitable. In particular the OBA wagons were not able to take the volume of the cargo to be efficient. As a result, various OCA wagons were converted, and then with the changes in contracts, further conversions were undertaken.
Surplus VDA vans were used as donors in the 1990’s, along with the VHA. Finally some OBA wagons were also modified. The position was complicated by transfers between wagon pools, as contracts were won or lost and some OTAs were then used as reach wagons, or as engineers stock. Additionally wagons were written off in incidents, and even then they were sometimes rebuilt and reinstated.
This created a varied fleet as lessons were learnt about what was really required. For example the original timber floors didn’t stand up to the unloading machinery, and so steel decking was introduced. Indeed wagons were rebuilt during their career as OTAs, with ends extended (to increase capacity), or had stanchions taken out, again probably modified to meet the requirements of the handling
machinery in each contract.
There were also trials with experimental ‘one-offs’. 112292 was apparently the test bed for the later ExTe stanchions, and 200944 had a cradle between the stanchions to keep the handling grabs free of the wooden floor.

There were three main sets of donor wagons: OCAs, Vans (VDA/VHA), and OBAs, to the following design codes: (and I’ve included the original Update article references)

Design code Tops Code Number range* UpDate article
OT001A OTA-A 112067-112399 71, 76, 78, 79 Ex OC001A
OT001B OTA-B 112292 ? 75 Not definitive
OT001C OTA-C 112184-112386 69 Ex OC001A Thames
OT002A OTA-D 200708-200974/210144-210363 73 Ex VDA
OT002B OTA-D 201029-201093 73 Ex VDA, experimental suspension
OT002C OTA-D 200817/200822 73 Ex VDA
OT002D OTA-D 200980-200985 73 Ex VDA
OT002E OTA-D 201070 79 Ex VHA
OT002F OTA-E 200944 70 Ex VDA. Revised stanchions for Forestry Commission
OT003A OTA-B 200650-200996/210129-210392 74 Ex VDA
OSA 200721 70
OT003B OTA-B 200864/210136/210281 74 Ex VDA
OT003C OTA-B 200651-200997/210107-210332 74 Ex ZRA (VDA)
OT003D OTA-D 200995 74 Ex VDA experimental suspension
OT004A OTA-F 110010-110797 68 Ex ZDA (OBA)

*the actual numbers will be set out later when going through the design codes


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