A thread on adding graffiti to rolling stock.
I know graffiti isn’t welcomed by the vast majority of folk, but it’s very much a part of the current railway scene.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be adding pics of the model (and prototype) and sharing a few techniques that work for me.
But if you have other ideas - please post them here.


p.s. As much as graffiti is vandalism, this thread is not here to discuss that.

That’s much better @newbryford I cannot see anything obvious like a map of Africa on the wagon! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Looks good Mick. Possibility of a small UPDate article in that I think.

Just a reminder - to keep this thread tidy.

It is a place to discuss the methods used for applying graffiti to models, not the wrongs of it applied to the prototype.

Hi Kelly,
Sounds like a plan…


A few more, including one debranded for future tagging.

Looking great there Mick. Love the vivid colours of the tags.


A couple more.