D827's Workbench

There’s not much to see at present, as my projects have been on hold for a while due to moving and injury, but now that is slowly coming to an end and I’m making a good recovery I hope to be able to get back to some projects soon.

Plans for the next 6 months include:

  • Finish Tyneside EPB,
  • Finish 4EPB,
  • Finish 465,
  • Make a start on Harton No.2 and No.10 and eventually No.11-13,
  • Make a start on the Harton layout plan (it will be needing redesigning due to space contraint changes since the moving),
  • Get more practice with P4 point building!

Hopefully I’ll get at least some of these done along with some other non-railway related items.

I look forward to seeing progress.

Of course, it’s far more important that you’re actually in a fit state to do any of this stuff - whether you choose to is then up to you.

Thanks Huw.

At present it is a case of revising the plans in Templot and seeing what works, etc in a smaller space.

I have another plan we’d been working on which was more complex and based on the Southern Region in the early 60s based upon the plan of Shepperton. But the move means that needs a big rethink as it was curved into an L shape to accomodate the ability to erect it at my flat. Now there is more room to erect a layout potentially in the living room temporarily length ways that curve isn’t going to be needed. But first we need to get the Harton layout done, which is really a learning excercise ahead of a more complex P4 layout.