Comings and Goings at Sheffield Exchange

Layout Name: Sheffield Exchange
Scale/Gauge: e.g. 4mm OO Gauge
Size: 20ft by 15 ft
Exhibition layout, or stay-at-home? Stuck at home
Type: Terminus station with access to running lines around the room
Era/region/location: Sheffield, ex L&YR and GNR 1960s
Whether you would like to be included in the layout register: Yes

The track plan as designed, I have altered Dignity Street Diesel Yard and the entrance/exit to the Manchester sidings.

Recently some daft blighter decided to dump a load of DMUs on me train set.

And there is more,

A hybrid unit, BRCW DMC (Hornby 110 center car), Met Cam TS or TC (Lima) and Derby DMBS (Bachy)

A Gloucester unit from a class 110.

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This little fella joined in the act

A view from the signal box with all eight platforms occupied.

Even the fuddle yards were full up with DMUs, here are the Doncaster sidings

Cravens 3 car, Tri-ang Mk1 conversion.

Derby 4 car suburban set, Lima. A few Class 115s were allocated to the Liverpool area and at weekends would venture over the Pennines.

Derdy 4 car unit coupled to a 4 car Met Cam unit. 8 coach DMUs do look good going around the layout

BRCW 3 car set coupled to a 3 car Met Cam unit next to two 4 car BRCW trains with an 8 car Met Cam train formed of 4 two car sets (all Lima and makes a lovely noise).

And now the Manchester sidings

A pair of Derby long underframe units, a long way from their home in Lincoln.

Two types designed to cross the Pennines.

Another Clun Valley unit (2 x 3 car sets) next to a Cravens unit. The Sulzer Bo-Bo is on a parcels train.

Finally some started MTK units, they are all powered and do run reasonably well coupled together.

If I live long enough I might finish them…they were started in the early 1990s.

New stock for Sheff Ex. I had the winning bid on these two lovely locos.

A Dave Alexander kit BTH type 1. Needs to be renumbered as I already have D8205 and the livery corrected. It runs very nicely. It has a motor in each bogie driving only on one axle, that isn’t a problem as it can haul a train longer than the normal size trains for the layout.

A Craftsman Yorkshire Engine 0-4-0 loco. This is also a good runner. When I first ran it it was a bit jerky and when running in reverse one of the pickups fouled the points. Out came the pliers to adjust the pickup, and the jerkiness stopped.